World Class Traveling Experience

World-Class Travel Retailer

Started as a joint venture is a world-class travel retailer whose operations span strategically across pan-Pearl River Delta. In addition to outlets across two terminals at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), the Company’s retail network includes Macau’s Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel and China Zhuhai Airport.

Professional Services

Enriching Travel, Enriching Life

Multi-License Experience

Leveraging its many years’ multi-license experience at HKIA, we delivers diversified expertise and brand partnership strength covering everything from general merchandise, perfumes and cosmetics, audio-visual/electronics, to luxury and specialty retailing.


To date, we commitment to excellence in operations, product merchandising and customer service has earned over many coveted local and international industry awards.


Leveraging its corporate commitment of “Enriching Travel, Enriching Life”, we participates in many worthwhile community initiatives.

Regional Management

To optimise Asia’s market potential and the unique synergies that exist across the airport retailing business, the Hong Kong and Singapore operations were integrated in 2010. The new centralised regional management team’s combined expertise ensures a measurable edge in accessing Asian consumer insights and strengthening brand relationships. It all adds up to mutually beneficial “win-win” partnerships that add value for both our industry stakeholders and the communities we serve.

In building on a solid region wide operational platform, we emphasises a strategic “glocal” approach of thinking globally and acting locally. The impressive end result is added value that greatly enriches customers’ travelling pleasure at every airport where its retail teams operate.

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