Exclusively Launches BURG Smart Watch at HKIA

Ahead of Hong Kong and Macau domestic markets, we are delighted to bring another exclusive launch to customers with the revolutionary, super cool BURG Smart Watch series. The BURG Smart Watch series are available at all the Sound & Vision Enriching Life and Fortress electronic stores at Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1, as well as The Atrium Department Store in The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel.

Smart watches are clearly the future. Leveraging its category insights and operational experience, we once again took a leading stand in being the first to offer the latest innovation to its customers, while sowing seeds for growing this potential category. BURG Smart Watch claims to be the world’s first full-fledged smart watch. What sets BURG Smart Watch apart from the other offers in the market is that they have built-in SIM cards, thus making them a fully featured, independently functional phone while the others in the market need Bluetooth connection between the watches and phones, which means that without connection, they are ordinary watches and just being smart.

Dutch brand BURG has started to invest in developing smart watch since 2009. Founded by award-winning designer Herman van den Burg, BURG smart watches are well-known for supreme quality, high performance and fashionable look.

Three series of BURG smart phones are now available in NWHK stores, namely “Hong Kong”, “Tokyo” and “Seoul”. All three of them carry own SIM cards with Bluetooth connectivity and they are fully functional as stand-alone phones. Each model comes in six colours – black, white, blue, pink, yellow and orange. For “Tokyo”, seasonal red colour also comes into place to add excitement in festive times. “Tokyo” is a multi-media smart watch phone with which the wearer can listen to MP3, browse photos, watch a movie or listen to the FM radio. “Hong Kong” features a two-way communication function, enabling the wearer to see who is calling or texting on the smart watch while carrying the smartphone in his/her pocket. It can answer the calls one receive on the smart phone and share picture. “Seoul” is a real phone, the wearer can make call directly by dialling the numbers surrounding the basel or setting speed dial.

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