Guylian’s Temptation Mix Pouch Another First

We are delighted to unveil yet another travel retail first for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) in the form of a brand new Guylian Temptation Mix Pouch 537g. The new product will be exclusively available from the company’s The Atrium and The Plaza department stores at the airport in May.

The launch sees once again outpace other leading domestic and international travel retail operators by indulging passengers at HKIA, in a truly unique offer from a major brand. The Guylian Temptation Mix Pouch 537g will entice shoppers with attractive packaging and lavish individually-wrapped chocolates that appeal to those who wish to share with friends and chocolate lovers. As “sharing” is an important purchase incentive to travellers especially our mainland Chinese passengers, Guylian’s artful combination of presentation and packaging is an ideal share pack at airports. Each pouch contains three popular flavours – original and dark pralines and milk truffles, all of which come slathered in Belgian Guylian’s trademark melt-in-the-mouth seahorse-shaped signature chocolate.

The launch is being supported by a “Buy-2-Get-1-Free” tactical promotion as well as an eye-catching visual product display at The Plaza. Free sample tasting is also arranged to aim at stimulating airport travellers’ desire to impulse purchase.

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