How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Hong Kong

Staying healthy is definitely easier said than done. This is especially difficult for people who live in a city like Hong Kong where long working hours and little workout time are the norm. I’m not going to lie – I’ve gained almost five pounds ever since I started working after graduation. Here are a few tips I’ve come up on how to stay fit.

First, stay away from temptations. Living in Hong Kong, you definitely need to find a way to resist all the good, fatty food. Restaurants and dining places are literally everywhere you go and it’s very easy for you to get lazy and eat outside every day. Unless you are only eating salads every day, eating at a regular restaurant on a day to day basis will get you fat. I remember when I was working as an intern a few years ago I ate at restaurants every single day. I put on at least five extra pounds after that summer was over. Now I know better to just pack my own lunch and avoid going out to eat too much.

Second, avoid eating snacks at work. It’s so easy to grab a pack of chips and start crunching on them while working. Snacks are the worst when it comes to a healthy diet. Most of them contain high levels of sugar, salt and sodium and are simply unhealthy. If you know that you are going to get hungry a couple hours after lunch, make sure you are eating the right snacks at least. I know nobody likes to work on an empty stomach, but it is extremely essential that you control the amount of food intake each day. It’s not hard to find healthy snack products in Hong Kong. Many grocery stores and supermarkets provide a wide selection of snacks for your including some of healthiest ones like nuts and crackers. It’s time to say goodbye to the tasty chips and cake now.

Third, I know some people are probably going to disagree with me on this, but health products are just not necessary in my opinion. In fact, I believe relying on health or vitamin supplements can create adverse side effects for your health. Health products in Hong Kong like to target white collars specifically because most of them are just too lazy to exercise these days. But I believe that doing it yourself is always the best option. Why rely on supplements when you can just spare a few moments during the week to work out and keep yourself healthy?

Above are just some tips that help you stay fit and strong. Remember, staying healthy is a long journey, but you won’t get any results unless you take initiatives. Good luck!

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