We continue to do everything possible to grow our business and strengthen our relationships by achieving successes with our partners and creating a world-class travel retail experience for our customers. Ultimately, the building of such strong relationships with airport, brand and vendor partners continues to play a pivotal role in our success. Such relationships are also what enable us to continually add value to our stakeholders and maximize long-term returns.

Actively collaborating with other key industry players, we also mount many mutually beneficial promotions that create “win-win” benefits for everyone:

Brands – We measurably strengthen brands and individual products’ positioning and exposure levels by innovating highly visible and easily accessible platforms

Shoppers – We enrich traveller’s journeys by pioneering exciting, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences

Airport Authority – Our constant adding of value and choices further enhances our home airports’ reputations for being world-class travel hubs and shopping destinations