The New Trend of Designing Your Own Shoes

Huge international shoe brands have incorporated custom made shoes as their new stream of revenue in recent years, so did medium to small companies. Anyone can go to their favorite brand online and design your own shoes. There are numerous reasons why the trend has gone so far these days across the globe. Let me break down the reasons for you below.

First, the internet has grown to become an integral part of everyday lives. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, the internet has become much more assessable to ordinary people. Shoe brands are taking advantage of the increasing internet access to create a custom made shoe line. With the simple tools available on the platform, you can create a unique, beautiful pair of sneakers or high heels with interchangeable heels of your own. You could choose your very own style, materials and color that suit your taste the best.

Second, the cost of such design operation is extremely low and this has encouraged brands to expand into this area to capture revenue. Most shoe brands only produce styles that appeal to the popular masses. If you have a creative and different design in mind, it’ll probably be hard for you to find a similar style in the store. I’ve found it extremely hard to just find a pair of shoes with the ideal design in my mind. A lot of times I resort to custom made shoes so I can have my dream shoes come true with my desired price and style. This is why custom made shoes have become so useful from the perspective of both customers and businesses. Shoe brands could avoid big costs to produce a shoe line that only appeals to a small number of people. Now with a custom design platform, they could choose to produce a limited amount upon requests. This helps company gain better control over production costs, yet still able to capture certain number of audience.

Because of the above reasons, custom made shoes have become the hottest trend in recent years. Some small to medium shoe companies only develop a design platform at an affordable price for customers, going directly against the big brands. This also provides them with the opportunity to outshine big brands, offering a greater variety of style and materials. This has really changed the shoe retail industry tremendously where customers have a say in the product design and style. It is a win-win situation for both businesses and customers. Ultimately, brands can benefit from this new trend by incorporating ideas from customers. With better insights into customers’ likings and preferences, this helps brands make better business decisions and open up a new stream of revenues.

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