Ways to Promote your Business Locally

If you own an Italian restaurant located in Central, how do you stand out from the crowd and promote your business? As far as the location is concerned, Central is one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong. Alone in Soho where most Italian restaurants are located, there are already over 50 of your competitors around the area. Promoting your business will therefore require a comprehensive marketing strategy. What are some of the ways you can promote your business locally?

First, build an online reputation on forums. If you live in Hong Kong, you probably have used the hottest food app Openrice before. Almost everyone goes on it and checks out reviews first before they decide to step into a restaurant. Therefore, it is extremely essential for you to build a reputation on platforms as such. You can set up an effective profile by posting the menu and pictures of your restaurant and let people comment. This not only allows you to develop your brand image, but it also enables you to collect feedback from customers which will ultimately improve your services. Always remember to manage your posts. When you see a negative comment, don’t panic or freak out; instead, reach out to the customer and let him or her know that you appreciate the feedback and will continue to work towards better services. You can even offer discount or compensation to unsatisfied customers in exchange for the post to be taken down. This is one way to maintain your online reputation as negative news spreads across the online world extremely fast these days and can damage your business in just seconds of time.

Second, build a website! This sounds like an absolute no-brainer, but from my personal experience, most restaurants do not own a website. A website really helps develop a professional image for your business and it also helps connects with your customers. A simple yet elegant design always gives a remarkable first impression and it does count for a lot of potential customers.

Third, after you have developed a website, begin online marketing activities. There are two main ways to go about this: paid search and SEO. Paid search will get you traffic quickly, but it will not help improve your website’s overall quality in terms of its layout and content. SEO on the other hand is a much more long-term strategy that seeks to improve your website from every aspect to boost organic search rankings. If you are too busy cooking for your patrons, leave all the marketing hassle with a SEO company. It provides local SEO services by rewriting your website content and tweak onsite technical issues to drive online traffic and conversions. The next thing you know, you will be swamped by phone calls and emails begging for booking reservations!

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