What Makes a Good Mobile App

As a tech geek, I am always excited to discover new apps that help make my life easier. But not all apps are useful and with such limited storage on your smartphone, people want to be smart with their usage and data. Once your app proves to be useless to users, they can delete it with just a tap on their phone. So if you want to stand out from the crowd with an amazing app, below are a few qualities that you should be mindful of.

First, make sure the app is easy to navigate. Nobody likes to open up an app only to find information all jumbled up with no clear directions or menu. You have to remember that the attention span of most people is particularly short in the digital world. If you can’t capture our attention during the first couple seconds, you app is bound to be doomed. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your app with a clean, slick design with visible navigational buttons. No matter how resourceful your app is, you audience won’t be able to discover the real gem if the process becomes too difficult.

Second, I cannot stress this enough, but a good balance with ads should is extremely important. I find it extremely irritating that whenever you refresh the app or open a new page, the ad automatically pops up. When I click on the ad accidentally, there is a high chance that I’m never going back inside the app to continue whatever I was doing because it just takes so much time to load. Most people would just exit the app like me, causing a very high bounce rate. I understand that ads generate a lot of revenue for app developers and businesses but a striking a balance is key to building a successful app.

Third, invite your audience to provide feedback and reviews. Online reviews are extremely essential in the app selection process. I only just downloaded the new app Android app manager the other day because of its raving reviews. If users see an app on the Apple or Android app store with very few to no reviews, chances are they will not waste their time downloading the app. Remember downloads take up space on your mobile devices and data, so users are very cautious and selective about what they choose to store on their gadgets. Some apps invite audience to give feedback by providing promotional offers that would usually require payment otherwise. This is not only a great way to engage your audience, but it also gives incentives to generate positive feedback, which helps attract more users in the long run.

These are the common qualities a good mobile app would contain. If you are thinking about creating a new app with your developers, make sure they follow the tips above to ensure quality production.

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