Launched “Whatever It Takes” Limited Edition iPhone4 cases in celebration of Valentine’s Day

We are delighted to be the only retail door, both local and duty free in Hong Kong, to offer two Valentine’s Day 2011 Limited Edition iPhone4 cases which were designed by fashion designer, Donna Karan and Oscar-winning actress, Charlize Theron through a charity campaign named “Whatever It Takes”.

In addition to the two limited edition items, we also offers a selection of creatively designed iPhone4 and iPad accessories originated by six other celebrities and world class fashion designers, including Coldplay, Eminem, Green Day, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan and Vivienne Westwood. All these are now available at the Sound & Vision Enriching Life stores and Fortress stores at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

“Over the years, our successful track record in business and on-going strengthened partnerships with vendors has enabled us to gain privilege in many unique and exclusive offerings. We understand that electronic accessories play a vital role in satisfying travellers’ needs for “total solution”. This Valentine’s Day, our customers can purchase not only uniquely designed iPhone4 cases for their beloved when they are returning home, but through their purchases which have underlying charity causes, they will also be sending love to many underprivileged people in the world, making this Valentine’s Day even more meaningful.”

“Whatever It Takes” is a one-of-a-kind artwork campaign launched by a charity association, 21st Century Leaders Foundation, in England. The Foundation has gathered over 660 leaders and celebrities in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, sport, business, royalty, Nobel Peace Prize laureates… etc who pledge to address and engage in positive action, raise awareness among their communities, and champion the solutions to poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, and the protection of children. Royalties received from the sale of celebrity designed products for “Whatever It Takes” campaign have so far raised over US$4,000,000 for charitable projects worldwide. Beneficiaries include Green Peace, Save the Children, Unicef, WaterAid, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Oxfam, Healthlink Worldwide, Life Beat, Christian Children’s Fund, and many others, adding up to 50 associations.

iPhone and iPad cases are the latest artwork collection of “Whatever It Takes”, featuring ‘symbols of hope for the 21st Century’ drawn by selected celebrities including Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Coldplay, GREEN DAY and Slash. Among all, Donna Karan and Charlize Theron have designed the limited edition cases for Valentine’s Day 2011 which are only available for the HKIA’s passengers.

At “Sound & Vision Enriching Life”, we always aim to enrich people’s lives by providing the most unique, trendy and innovative products with meanings and positive values.

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